Ready or not, Valentine’s Day Is Coming! 4 Ways to do Heart Day on a Budget

If you’re single or part of the anti-Valentine’s camp this February, you may be off the hook for February 14th expenses. However, if you are part of a couple, Valentine’s Day can be stressful for your relationship and your wallet. While we at UECU can’t offer you any relationship advice, we can share some ideas to take the burden off your budget…

1. Plan ahead for dinner: If dinner at a nice restaurant is part of your celebration, find out if they are offering a special menu or package. Many include flowers so you won’t end up paying for them twice. Also, consider an earlier meal that may allow you to order from the lunch or early bird menu, which could provide big savings without forfeiting the ambiance.

2. Don’t buy roses: If there’s one day a year you shouldn’t buy roses, it’s Valentine’s Day. Because roses require a lot of manual labor to grow, ship, and store, the volume of demand for one day increases the price. Buy them for your loved one’s birthday or anniversary but stick to a more common botanical variety, or even paper flowers, on Valentine’s Day. If you’re going for a natural bouquet, why not save even more by taking advantage of your credit union discount to FTD? UECU participates in the Invest In America program, which offers “Love My Credit Union” promotions like a $15 discount on many of the flowers and gift choices available through FTD.

3. Give from the heart: Why not give a handwritten letter, a personal poem, a meaningful book, or CD? These gifts are more personal and will usually mean more to the recipient than the generic candy and flowers. Recount the year on a blank calendar or download songs that commemorate your firsts (date, kiss, trip, and so on). These ideas are far less costly than others that are packaged for the masses. Also, don’t think it’s taboo to talk about Valentine’s Day beforehand, so you understand each other’s expectations. This is the best way to avoid spending more money than you need to when your partner is simply happy being with you.

4. Do your own thing. Whether you’re part of a couple, or just hanging out with your single pals this Valentine’s Day, do what makes you happy. Singles, why not take that fun day trip you’ve been planning or have your own Valentine’s Alternative party or film fest at your place? Couples, if you’d rather skip the crowds, why not meet up for lunch and a wintertime walk, or order-in for some relaxing quiet time? You could also check out the seasonal online promotions from sites like Groupon, LivingSocial or Google Offers to find a fun and affordable activity in your neighborhood!

What are your plans to save money on Heart Day? Share your frugal Valentine’s tips by leaving a comment!

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